Off-Grid Single family house (Huesca)

The complete energy self-sufficiency powered by renewable energies is already feasible today.

This house in the town of Lierta, Huesca no longer pays electricity and gas bills and generates all the energy it needs from renewable sources. The complete solution consists of a solar installation integrated by ECOMESH hybrid panels, REC SOLAR photovoltaic panels, batteries, a biomass boiler and the electrical and hydraulic circuits to complete the system.

The photovoltaic plant (ECOMESH + REC SOLAR) with storage batteries, fully supplies the electricity consumption of the house day and night, while the system formed by ECOMESH panels + biomass boiler covers the thermal demand of sanitary hot water and heating.

This house is completely self-sufficient, the owners forget about paying gas and electricity bills and do their bit towards sustainable development of the planet.

Project Datasheet