What is an hybrid panel?


Hybrid solar panels are produce simultaneously electricity and hot water.

Conventional photovoltaic panels only exploit 15% of the sunlight they receive, 5% is reflected and the remaining 80% is lost in the front and back panel.

A hybrid panel advantage of heat loss from the back side, 40%.

Unlike conventional hybrids, the hybrid solar panel ECOMESH recovers the heat lost through the front side, 40%, thus achieving maximum efficiency.


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Why choose ECOMESH hybrid solar panel?

At elevated temperatures compared to first generation hybrid panels.

It generates more energy than thermal and photovoltaic panels separately.

Compared with a conventional photovoltaic panel by the cooling effect of the cells.



TIC Technology

The hybrid solar panel incorporates the TIC (Transparent Insulation Cover) technology. This cover has a gas inert able to recover the heat lost from the front of conventional hybrid panels. This increases the output of the panel.


This improvement is achieved by proper combination of physical properties (dynamic viscosity, conductivity, density, etc.) that minimize losses by natural convection.


Many Applications