Since its foundation in 1977, the German Company RESOL has been acquiring enough experience and knowledge to become one of the leaders of the market due to its innovative technology and wide catalog of products. With its international strategy, they have provided methods and quality in more than 60 countries where they work.


Due to EndeF is always looking for the offer of the best quality in all of our services, we consider that we need to have the best elements and components of the market.

That is why we have taken the opportunity to have a new contact with RESOL in search of a beneficial collaboration to everybody. So we have carried a new training out in our installations. The aim that we have is the optimization and maximization in our systems thanks to the control panel and other technological products sold by Resol.


We want to thank Resol for their time and we appreciate the training that we received.  We wish their impressions are as good as ours. We hope to see you soon!