The IDEA competition, organized by the Industry and Innovation department of Aragon, includes a training program in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). read more →

Spain Startup 2014 – The South Summit, is an international contest for newly created companies that counted with 3.000 participants of 25 countries in Southern Europe, Mediterranean countries and Latin America in the categories Energy, High Tech, Bio Technology, B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumers). EndeF Engineering was selected among the 13.. read more →

Repsol foundation selected 8 projects in the field of energy efficiency among 470 candidates that will receive economic funds and technological, organizational and legal advice, among those EndeF, to develop and manufacture second generation hybrid solar panels Ecomesh. read more →

Ver noticia en HERALDO DE ARAGONThe award is comprised on the European project EmPower, initiative carried out by the Program for Intelligent Energy of the European Commission (IEI 2007-2013), that aims to identify and promote the use of intelligent technologies developed in the energy sector and highlight the advantages of their implementation in confront with.. read more →

The award for entrepreneurs Premios Emprendedor XXI, is an initiative of la Caixa in collaboration with the Industry, Energy and Tourism Ministry. In its seventh edition, Endef was selected as finalist. read more →